MBSR teacher training

Detailed information and registration here: https://www.presentmind.net/teacher-training/

Centrum pro mindfulness co-organizes the first MBSR teacher training in CZ between September 2018 and November 2019. The training is lead by experienced teachers from Holand and Germany and is based on current internationally accepted standards and criteria for teacher training of evidence-based programs based on mindfulness and will be led by prominent Dutch MBSR teacher trainers with long-term experience. The training will be taught mostly in English, including the admission interview. The number of places is limited to 25. After meeting the pre-requisites and completion of the training the graduates become qualified MBSR teachers. Please read carefully incl. the basic pre-requisites below.

Training structure: 4 residential modules of total 24 days (approx. 200 hours), supervision.

Dates of the 4 modules:

Module 1. MBSR Foundation. (Sept. 7-15, 2018)
Module 2. Formal practices and didactics (part 1) (March 27-31, 2019)
Module 3. Formal practices and didactics (part 2) (July 3-7, 2019)
Module 4. Teaching the MBSR (Nov 10-18, 2019)

In  terms of finances, this would mean the following payments:

Before Module 1: EUR 1,250
Before Module 2: EUR 575
Before Module 3: EUR 575
Before Module 4: EUR 1,100

Total tuition: EUR 3,500 (supervision, accommodation and meals are NOT included).